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Welcome, and congratulations on getting to this point.

To prepare the team for our phone call, please answer the questions which will appear when you select the time and date.

Please note you do not have to go into any depth or reveal personal details. For example, you may say: “I want help with overthinking and confidence. This started in my teens when I experience personal setbacks. I have had counseling, DBT, and medication for anxiety. Some of this was helpful, and I feel that I need just that final bit.” Or you may say: “On the™ website you spoke of taking charge of thoughts, trauma and relationships – this all resonates with me.” “Yes, I saw your admission fee, which is ok – one can not place a price on well-being. (This does not reveal specifics nor personal details).

The answers to our questions ensures a meaningful telephone call. The call is about making a joint plan to work towards a resolution to your pain.

We want to make sure that you will likely benefit and that you are a good match for our program. A successful outcome is very much linked to informed expectations.

Thank you again and please book your appointment slot next, we will then ask you for your contact details and your answers to 5 questions.